Author: Matt

  • Wheelchair Costumes

    Integrating my daughter’s wheelchair into her Halloween costume has been a fun project with the kids. While it’s great to see stores carrying and advertising wheelchair costumes, they’re never quite what we’re looking for, and it’s always more fun to make your own… even if it’s the night before… 2022 – Skeleton This year’s costume…

  • Art Trucks

    Did you know that I’m an award winning duct tape artist? No? well it’s a classic story of a teenager with a rusty truck and role of duct tape that got carried away. The Universe giveth as stopped to let someone walk by in the Target parking lot and they turned out to be Tim…

  • Sauna Building

    Building a sauna had been on our to-do list for awhile. Going to the Cedar and Stone sauna on Lake Superior has become a birthday tradition and the idea of a mobile sauna that we can bring out to the lake and rent made kept it in the forefront of my minds. After enjoying and…

  • EasyLink and Insiprio cases

    EasyLink and Insiprio cases

    Created by an engineering volunteer as part of the 3D Dream Makers challenge I organized for NE Metro 916.

  • Arduino Prototyping Board

    Arduino Prototyping Board
  • Soundwave 3D printed Bracelet + instructional video

    Soundwave 3D printed Bracelet + instructional video
  • Drawbot frame

    Drawbot frame

    Lasercut cardboard + DIY vibration motor + markers of different sizes.Developed and used in the Mahtomedi Fablab. Built for quick experimentation by elementary students while using LittleBits. It features a large central platform to hold the battery and multiple pressfit holes to hold markers.

  • Light Trinket

    Light Trinket

    I was asked to create a short class that would introduce high school students to 3D printing, the laser cutter, digital design, circuits, and coding at the Mahtomedi High School Fablab. The result was this color changing trinket that students could attach to their backpacks.

  • Homologous Bone Structure learning aid

    Homologous Bone Structure learning aid
  • Physical Programming

    I’ve always loved coding that people can physically interact with. It makes your digital work tactile and sometimes even a little magical. I’ve taught Physical Computing as a unit within other courses like Assistive Technology Engineering and as it’s own semester long course. Tools used: Projects: