Category: Product Development

  • Mathshare


    Accessible math learning tool that helps students solve and share their math thinking. Designed to support students with a range of physical and cognitive disabilities as well helping neuro-typical students. LMS integration Supports screen readers Educator and Student dashboards Public problem set sharing library

  • Imageshare


    Imageshare Accessible repository of openly licensed and accessible media to support inclusive learning. I worked on an earlier concept that led to the current version.

  • InsertLearning


    Over 1M users and the #1 Web annotation tool for Chrome. A browser extension that allows educators to turn any website into an interactive lesson by inserting questions, discussions, videos, and more into the text. Acquired by Kidblog in 2021

  • Refine


    Removes clutter from webpages. Created as a free extension to act as a new acquisition funnel and solved a complaint many of our current user had.

  • STEP Academy School Website

    I developed a new wordpress driven website for the school that would be easier to update, more accessible, and save the school $3,500 annually compared to their previous system. STEP Academy Website

  • School Teacher Network

    In 2009, I developed a network of teacher and class websites to support our online blended learning initiatives which would make instruction more flexible and student centered. I used WordPress and Buddypress to develop the network, manage the hosting, and run training for students and teachers. In a time before Chromebooks and Google Classroom or…