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  • Assistive Technology Engineering

    Engineering course where students partnered with students in the district with physical and cognitive disabilities to create a device that will help them accomplish a task. 3 years

  • Black and white 2D image to 3D

    Black and white 2D image to 3D

    Developed a simple process of converting simple 2D images into 3D printable tactiles to improve student learning.

  • Unit 3 – Intro to Assistive Tech

    Now that we had covered the basics of engineering, working as a team, and programming, it was time to get to the heart of the class.  Making something that will actually help someone they meet is the driving force for all of the students in my class.  Most have an interest in electronics and making…

  • Imageshare


    Imageshare Accessible repository of openly licensed and accessible media to support inclusive learning. I worked on an earlier concept that led to the current version. https://imageshare.benetech.org/

  • 3D For Special Needs Company

    V1 Special Education is an underserved market that has the potential of being transformed by 3D printing.  The design process of turning an idea into 3D printable object is the biggest barrier for teachers.  My solution is a website that helps special education staff and students turn their ideas into 3D printed learning aids and…