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  • Assistive Technology Engineering

    Engineering course where students partnered with students in the district with physical and cognitive disabilities to create a device that will help them accomplish a task. 3 years

  • STEM Ideas and Inspiration

    This is from a slideshow of inspirational videos I would show my class throughout the Assistive Technology Engineering class. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get you going! From Assistive Technology Engineering 2013 #0 How to start a movement My favorite #1 OK GO Needing/Getting A lot of time and hard work to…

  • Projects for 2015 AT Class

    Project 1 – Cardboard Tables Groups must design and test a table made from a limited amount of cardboard and packaging tape. How many books can your table hold? Goal: the value or prototyping quickly, often, and how to work as a team Materials: cardboard, tape, lot’s of heavy books Project 2 – Business Cards…

  • Bling for AT

    Capacative touch sensors under holding pads on a walker that activate ground effect lighting