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  • Physical Programming

    I’ve always loved coding that people can physically interact with. It makes your digital work tactile and sometimes even a little magical. I’ve taught Physical Computing as a unit within other courses like Assistive Technology Engineering and as it’s own semester long course. Tools used: Projects:

  • Unit 2 – Programming

    Originally posted JANUARY 18, 2014 The second unit was about two weeks long and introduced students to computer programming.  I really lucked out this year by having the nation wide “hour of code” push happen at about the same time.  In past years I started out teaching students processing and then arduino.  Processing is great…

  • Outdoor Conductivity Fun!

    Originally Posted: APRIL 22, 2010 This quarter’s Physical Computing class is focusing on making interactive music.  The first topic is resistance.  We’ve gone over what a regular circuit resistor is and now we’re testing the resistance/conductivity of everything else.  Today we a simple circuit to test the conductivity of plants outside.  It was amazingly successful…