Modular IOT Catpost

A customizable internet of things cat post that says what your cat is doing and lets you interact with while away.  Mix and match attachments that sense or react to the cat.  Program the cat post through a website with simple drag and drop tools.  Have the post tweet about how long the cat naps for, create instant lolcat photos, or play with your cat by controlling a laser pointer from your phone.

  • Three types of attachements
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • Passive
  • Post has slots for anchoring attachments
  • Attachments automatically show up on users account via the website
  • Connect attachments via website
  • Can have cat post send you messages, send tweets, or create lolcats based on what sensors detect
  • Add camera for photos or videos
  • Control actuators directly with phone or web app to play or mess wth cat
  • Sensors
    • Motion
    • Proximity
    • Light
    • Weight
    • Button
    • Vibration sensor
      • Scratching pad
      • Platform
  • Actuator
    • Spinning motor
    • Bendable light bar
    • Speaker
    • Treat dispenser
    • Vibrating platform
  • Tack cat activities with analytics and graphs
    • How long does the cat sleep on a platform during the day?
    • How many treats did the cat eat?
    • What is the cats weight over time
  • Multiple cat posts can communicate and coordinate activites
    • Cat jumps on one post, causing another to spin a feather

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