Hackable Electronics Kit

An Arduino electronics kits that are as educational as they are good looking and has a life after it’s been built.  They can also be easily hacked into something bigger.    

Existing electronics kits are educational but ugly, or look good and don’t teach you anything.  My kits have laser cut enclosures that look great and can be proudly displayed in their finished form.

This mood lamp is the first kit I designed and taught to a class.  The lamp could be hacked to light up an entire wall by hooking up 16′ of LED lights and controlled with an IR remote or phone!

Other kit ideas that are almost complete is a magical (capacitive touch sensing) crystal ball for halloween, and an electronic piano.  Each would have instructions how to easily hack them into something bigger and even more fun.

If an electronics kit is going to end up on your shelf, it might as well look good and be useful.  

“An electronics kit you can be proud enough to mount on your wall”

Looks good and smart.  Kit thats smart and looks good

Google+ Album of Mood Light Kit


  • Arduino Based
    • Moodlight to Wall light
    • Fingers to Feet Piano
    • Crystal Ball
  • ATtiny Based
    • sun catcher
    • pendant
  • Smartphone

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