Category: Curriculum and Instruction

  • Physical Programming

    I’ve always loved coding that people can physically interact with. It makes your digital work tactile and sometimes even a little magical. I’ve taught Physical Computing as a unit within other courses like Assistive Technology Engineering and as it’s own semester long course. Tools used: Projects:

  • Kitchen Chemistry

    Standards aligned high school chemistry curriculum that uses food and cooking to make science hands-on and relatable.

  • Assistive Technology Engineering

    Engineering course where students partnered with students in the district with physical and cognitive disabilities to create a device that will help them accomplish a task. 3 years

  • 3D Dream Makers Idea Challenge

    2014 Students with special needs often need tools and learning aids that are expensive or don’t exist. I started the Dream Makers Ideas Challenge at the Intermediate School District 916 to quantitatively measure the need, collect a list of things that are needed, and to generate awareness of 3D printing as a solution. After recruiting…

  • Electricity and Inquiry curriculum for elementary students

    Electricity and Inquiry curriculum for elementary students

    1-2 week hands-on curriculum with how-to videos and notes for instructors. Utilizes the Adafruit Drawdio board but has been adapted for the Circuit Playground as well.Curriculum –

  • Black and white 2D image to 3D

    Black and white 2D image to 3D

    Developed a simple process of converting simple 2D images into 3D printable tactiles to improve student learning.