3D Dream Makers Idea Challenge


Students with special needs often need tools and learning aids that are expensive or don’t exist. I started the Dream Makers Ideas Challenge at the Intermediate School District 916 to quantitatively measure the need, collect a list of things that are needed, and to generate awareness of 3D printing as a solution. After recruiting engineers from the local community and online we selected 3 ideas and co-designed the solutions. Money for the 3D printer and materials was donated by the school foundation and another educator.

A total of 67 ideas were submitted including this 3D printed Inspirio Case


You Dream it, We Make it

Do you have an idea for something that would help a student, but you’re not sure how to make it?  Submit your idea to the Dream Makers Idea Challenge. 

It’s a multi-district challenge put on by NE Metro 916 to spur innovation and awareness of how 3D printing.  The main focus is for special needs students but is open to all staff and ideas.  This technology can help you meet specific adaptation needs of our students. The selected ideas will be created by our group of talented designers and engineers during the summer.  We will then 3D print as many copies of your idea as needed for next school year, turning your dreamed “thing” into reality.

Examples of 3D printed objects will be displayed at 916 program sites over the next few weeks for hands on investigation.

No Experience Necessary

Don’t know anything about 3D printing or computer design?  No problem! You only need the idea and our great group of volunteers take care of the rest.  Explore the examples below to see what other people have done with 3D printing.  

Judging Criteria:

  • How well it solves a problem
  • how well the device is described or drawn
  • Item is smaller than a 6″x6″ cube or could be assembled from smaller pieces
  • No limit to number of submissions/ideas
  • How widely the idea can be used is not important. It’s okay if it’s so specialized it can only meet the needs of one student.
  • Must be a NE Metro 916 employee

Deadline is May 30th, 2014