Tag: 3D printing

  • EasyLink and Insiprio cases

    EasyLink and Insiprio cases

    Created by an engineering volunteer as part of the 3D Dream Makers challenge I organized for NE Metro 916.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:649000

  • Soundwave 3D printed Bracelet + instructional video

    Soundwave 3D printed Bracelet + instructional video
  • Light Trinket

    Light Trinket

    I was asked to create a short class that would introduce high school students to 3D printing, the laser cutter, digital design, circuits, and coding at the Mahtomedi High School Fablab. The result was this color changing trinket that students could attach to their backpacks. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:327524

  • Homologous Bone Structure learning aid

    Homologous Bone Structure learning aid
  • 3D Dream Makers Idea Challenge

    2014 Students with special needs often need tools and learning aids that are expensive or don’t exist. I started the Dream Makers Ideas Challenge at the Intermediate School District 916 to quantitatively measure the need, collect a list of things that are needed, and to generate awareness of 3D printing as a solution. After recruiting…

  • Black and white 2D image to 3D

    Black and white 2D image to 3D

    Developed a simple process of converting simple 2D images into 3D printable tactiles to improve student learning.

  • Distributed 3D Printing for Schools

    3D printing as a means to rapidly improve education has long been an interest of mine. Most of the focus of 3D printing in education has been on STEM and students doing the making. I believe a major opportunity and means of showcasing the value to students is for schools and teachers to adopt the…

  • 3D For Special Needs Company

    V1 Special Education is an underserved market that has the potential of being transformed by 3D printing.  The design process of turning an idea into 3D printable object is the biggest barrier for teachers.  My solution is a website that helps special education staff and students turn their ideas into 3D printed learning aids and…